“…pent up “


Not my pic.. but MINE by the usual way.. Don’t take!

is how I feel lately.. Full of …


I connect with this horse..

ears alert

Head down

all the straps and buckles too tight

“I can feel the power ready to explode from those back legs!”

BUT!!  This is not necessarily a big bad thing..

I know me.. and I know rodeo horses..

Some of them LOVE and LIVE for the ride..

Black Sheep


I have been spending it.. which is ok.. since I have nothing else to spend.. lol

Spending it with my kids, working, getting my feelings hurt.. recovering.. worrying that if I hurt less.. it might mean I miss something.. I just hope it means I am getting smarter.

it has been a while since a photo opportunity has presented it self to me.. and it’s not like I have not been looking.. waiting.. hoping..

Frosty Post

FINALLY!! Some color. FINALLY!! Some color.

Taken with tried and true trusty Ipod.. I am still searching for my camera cord..

so back I go.. to parent, work, and learn.. to hope and dream.. to wait

Black Sheep