Sunday Morning Cow Church 

The world is so full of hate and ugliness lately…

Here’s a picture of this mornings beautiful sunrise.

A darling red calf.. looking for milk handouts… even tho she is off the stuff.. it still calls her soul.

And for the grand finally. .

My dogs adorable butts.. one fluffy and one wiggley 

My sincere hope is that your day is Filled with love and light..


Sunday Morning Cow Church  (Monday edition )

How. Does. He. Manage. THIS?!?

Any halter

Almost every day….

This one horse has lost NINE halters in FOUR years!

In other news,

With more time off and living on the farm I’m working I not only have found time to play with my horses, build nice stalls, put in a container garden (a greenhouse and BIG Garden next year) spin yarn and crochet again regularly.. I have had time to learn to draw!  My mother recently passed away and my younger daughter and I acquired a large out of her art supplies…. I decided I wanted to sketch some flowers…. 

And so… I did.

I am not an artist… have zero talent for any drawing or painting. … but I still like to try. . I spent an entire afternoon this weekend just sketching dandelions… lol


Sunday Morning (evening) cow church

Thursday storms rolled through our area and took out the power for over 45000 people in northern MN..

The power was out at the farm..

You can’t milk cows without power..

You can’t cool milk without power…

You can’t fill water tanks without power..

You can’t run the silo without power…

so.. I waited for a while, then I called the power company and realized it could be a few days.. so I began the search for a generator powerful enough to run the milk machines.. and there were none available north of the Twin Cities and for under $600 a DAY plus delivery.. but at the end of a long 12 hour search I found a friend who had a small portable milk machine that would run of my small generator… and so I milked 19 cows.. one at a time.. I averaged 17 minutes a cow (5 and 1/2 hours) and did not get home the first night till 2 am.. and went back at it 7 hours later and managed to average 13 minutes per cow… and again that evening and again the next morning.. finally Saturday night in the middle of milking the power came back on and my relief milker and I jumped for JOY.. milked quick and got everything else caught up.. another night that did not end till 2 am..

and all the milk we milked.. got dumped down the drain.. now way to cool it.. so loss upon loss upon loss..

Today I am praying for another miracle.

we went through this exact same thing 2 years ago..

I hope to be able to save this dairy and its cows.. again..

feed them heavy and milk on time..

feed them heavy and milk on time…

feed them heavy and milk on time…

I am as scared this time as I was the last that I will not be able to bring them back up to their individual peak production.. and we walk a razor thin edge on a good day..  my boss has faith in me.. I pray she is right… I don’t want to let her or the girls down..

clover the cow

Our noses are against the wall and once again..

we gotta work even harder..

but we would not trade this life for any other




Sunday Morning Cow Church.. new page

Live has been busy.. and hard.. and wonderful all at the same time.. what’s been missing?? Blogging of course.. Pictures!! I take lots of pictures and most of them are cows.. or farm related and my need to share has become overwhelming..
Sunday Morning Cow Church has been a thing on my facebook page for a while and I feel good about the commitment but not too pressured.. adding to my blog is a good step to filling my needs again..
Check out the new page.. Sunday Morning Cow Church



been farming

10 long months I have been off line
So much has been going on.
I milk the cows 7 days a week every morning and 4 to 7 evenings a week and taking on new duties.. the herd is healthy and growing.. keeping me busy.
kids are doing well.
Dogs are happy with our new place.
and I have a boyfriend!
a super kick ass awesome man who encourages me, supports me in my job and creativity, thinks of my needs and health. and most of all.. makes me laugh.
I could not be happier.



Mares take care of each other

I wrote this in September of last year.. Fall always brings for me a.. “missing him” feeling.. and even tho life for me is so much better here.. sometimes I just find myself.. missing that horse..

Such a long time since the smell of hay has been mixed with the sound of tears.

The why really does not matter tonight.. the why of the tears that is.. The why of the time means more.. but even that matter only to us..

Arms crossed and head bowed with sobs and tears.. One mare stands strong touching an arm and then the other.. pushing slightly in to inspect a cheek.. not a fidget nor a worry.. Not a wrinkle near her eye.. not a purse of her lip.. She knows the how.. somehow.. she knows.

Oh how we both wish the other was with us.. He knew how to comfort us both.. He knew our strength and out weaknesses.. and he knew when a nuzzle was most appropriate.  and when it was time to be done.  He held us up and let us stand on our own.

Tonight we almost smelled him in our barn.. possibly a breeze he had traveled through once..

and She tells me.. It will all be ok.. go ahead and cry.. You are safe and I am you and yours and you are me and mine..  we have loved each others babies.. and laughed and mourned together and too far apart..

You need to be softer.. she whispers.. he always brought that for both of us..

Together we can  cry again and learn to laugh.. once you are done crying.. no matter that you did not come here to cry for him.. you came here to cry… and mares take care of each other.

Black Sheep