let it snow let it snow let it snow…

8 inches of wet sloppy snow so far today… a possible 12 more to come..
Farm – Cows got milked this morning… relief milker is staying at the farm to cover this pm and tomorrow am milking.. all calves and heifers are securely tucked away in loafing sheds.. cows are safely in barn with plenty of feed..
Home – horses and cows have bales
young stock/steers are tucked in shed with plenty of bedding/water/hay.. babies locked in hutch with warm water delivered every 3 hours.. “room service”
bacon cheeseburger and fries on deck for dinner – Check!
Popcorn cued for movie – Check!
nothing left to do but watch it snow watch it snow watch it snow – Check!
and nap..
oh so happily home-bound and snowed in..

Sunday Morning Cow Church

Sunday morning cow church. ..
After a hellishly long week
I came home to my own newest parishioners. Full of milk now and all tucked in snug and warm for a nice Sunday afternoon nap… sweet dreams “Phineas and ferb”


Bird on a Wire

Pics from September 27th 2012.. taken with my 14mp Kodak Easyshare..

far View

Close up…

Hunting season here.. opening weekend.. not even leaving the house during the day except to go to work and back..
so I am going through folders looking for pics I can edit and post…
Black Sheep


a quiet day..

The cows almost milked themselves this morning… Kids were all in school..

so I.. outstanding person that I am..

took a nap…

in the pasture.. with my horse..

then took pictures

“sleeping.. in my food.. silly woman”


“time to check ur feet”

“roll over.. you lay over there.. i’ma gonna eat right where you were..”

“kisses before you go”


“We… are looking good!”

if only she’d quit making “donkey ears”.. I’d have a lot more pictures..

These I took with my ipod.. next to check the ones from my camera.. see if I got anything good with it..

Black Sheep.. and Paris


Pretty in Pink

I took my daughter to the clinic for a recheck of her injured leg..

OH.. That’s right.. I did not say here what happened last weekend.. LOL
Well… my 11 year old daughter was playing in the barn.. where she was not supposed to be.. and got a Pitchfork stuck in her leg!! in by her shin and out the back of her calf..  she pulled it out.. walked to the house aided by her totally freaked out 4 year old sister.. surprisingly little blood!  They did Surgery to make sure there was no major damage and to clean it out.. It’s all good and she is healing well.. and let me say.. BRAVE GIRL!

We got to the clinic and were surprised to see some flowers, not only hanging in there.. but full and bright.. these are the best of what I took.. It was COLD and WINDY.. but the girls wanted me to take pictures..

We are already missing the colors of summer…

Pretty in Pink

Not sure what this plant is called but it’s a beautiful ..Ravishing Red…

These were taken with my Ipod.. and I don’t think I am ever going to get over how some of the pictures I take with it turn out.. I took some with my camera but have not had time to even look at them yet..

I worked worked the last 4 milking’s and have the day off today.. Planning to get back to work on the window insulation project I was in the middle of when my daughter got hurt.. and get outside and get some posts in the ground for my arena before the ground gets too frozen… get outside and gather stuff from the edges of the yard to burn.. This weekend my bestest friend is coming over and we have plans for a bonfire.. a big pot of chili and homemade cornbread.. and of course.. Margaritas.. I really like this life..

Happy content little black sheep

old shed.. again

taken in September of 2008 with an old Olympus FE110

I think I was trying to take a picture of the setting sun.. and silly me.. thought it was kind of a crap picture.. NOW..it is exactly the kind of thing love to try to capture..

Black Sheep

a shit scraper cheers me up…

holy wow.. I am starting to feel damn near at the end of my reserves..
Seven weeks now I have been sick.. and yup.. pneumonia is back.
I am going to just try to get through this work day…

Inspection was moved from yesterday.. to tomorrow.. Today is finishing day and the Coup de grace.. I acquired a running lawn tractor to replace the non running one and it is almost sad.. I am excited as hell about being able to scrape the barn every day!!  lol  I am just glad tho.. that I am making.. even in some small ways.. life better for the cows.. my boss.. and eventually myself.

another very nice Ipod pic.. sure is a trusty little thing.

and no… I am not laying or sitting on the ground.. The grass is THAT tall..

off to get kids up and off to school then off for another full day of work for me.

Black Sheep


around the “block”

SO. .worked my rear off for weeks now..

Ceiling in the parlor is painted white.. walls are white.. all the doors and frames are red. Cement floor in the parlor is patched, a new skill for me!  A new cabinet on the wall in the milk house for supplies.. new hoses.. a full first aid kit.. even a freaking sharps container!! and clean EVERYTHING!

I think we are ready for the inspection.

Was driving home from work.. drove by a beautiful Milkweed bending and blowing in the wind and shining in the sun.. but was just too wiped out to stop and take a picture and regretted it as soon as I went by..

Soooo I drove “around the block”  lol

One shot was all I got.. but I am not disappointed in the least..

batteries died after this one shot.. but the drive back was worth it!

then I came home… tried to take a nap.. but failed to hire adequate security.. lol.. kids came home.. neighbors and friends came by.. dogs barking, cars driving by..  phone kept chiming.. I spent a LOT of years living on 60 acres at the end of a 1/2 mile dead end road in the middle of no where.. and napping after work here is  bit challenging..

One more day of “this and that” before inspection.. I want to make a darn good impression for my boss.. her business gets better.. she makes money.. I make money.. simple as that.. and..I like the cows..

Black Sheep

Epic Battle..

I came across an EPIC battle on my way to work this morning..

Two Eagles and 6 or so crows and a large raven…. fighting it out in the trees and sky…. I am seriously bummed that I did not have a quality camera.. or even one that could capture some of it..

There was Diving, Screaming, Mad flights into the trees!!  and my little ipod could not keep up..

seriously sad…

These are the best of what I captured.. I like the 4th one the best..

Black Sheep