Sunday Morning Cow Church

… a year

…..and a day

So much has changed… and so much has stayed the same.. I miss my boss, my friend and the cows… they were each very special and each left a permanent mark on who I am.. I promise to never forget what they taught me…

Yesterday I waited till everyone was gone from the barn and I sat with this brand new baby and I cried… I cried about everything I lost and about all the changes the past year brought… I cried because. . Like the cows… I thrive on consistency. ..

But… I think I’m gonna make it. .. even if things change again in the future… that is the lesson I’m trying to learn.. that no matter what.. I.. we are going to be ok..

I’m 2 thirds finished with the prayer shawl I’m crocheting to donate in memory of my late friend…

It’s called Violet in blues.. I hope that whoever ends up with it truly feels the love I put into each stitch…

And here is one of my favorite cows ..

#119. After every milking she stands at the front of the parlor.. puts her head in the side of the trimming stanchion.. and listens to the radio while she waits for her friend.. simple little things that I’d do well to remember. .



things.. and stuff and my Puppy!

been just rolling along…. working, doing mom stuff…

Ivan the day I brought him home.. SIX WEEKS AGO…

and he has at LEAST quadrupled in size!

He is a very smart puppy… I forgot how focused a GSD can be…

As I will never pee alone again. but that’s ok.. since my kids grew up a bit I find I have trouble peeing when alone.. lol

so, even with my Ivan keeping me busy.. I have found myself with too much free time.. time to think.. and today I went to Ruby’s Pantry.. a “Pay $20 and get lots more than $20 worth of stuff” place.. cuz I am still kinda poor.. and I ran into my old bosses friend.. who was so glad to see me.. she promised Vi that she would keep an eye on me and she did not know how to get a hold of me these last 8 months.. we talked.. and then.. I cried… quietly.. I tend to deny stress.. pretend that all the Big things…(my friend dying, losing my cows and job, losing my mother, herniating discs in my back, tearing tendons in my knee, frostbite on my toes, MOVING, job hunting.. just so much) going on are really just little things and that I can handle them all.. which I CAN.. but I rarely give into the stress.. I just keep on going.. seeing my beloved friends friend.. made me miss her even more.. little by little I am acknowledging things and working them out.. and in the mean time.. I am trying to remain positive and happy… and mostly.. it’s working.. having a puppy helps..

Hopefully I will be back here regularly again soon..


Sunday Morning Cow Church

Bonnie gave me a fabulous late birthday present on Friday morning…
A beautiful 99% white heifer
She is the calf that almost wasn’t. .
When I got to the barn Bonnie had been in labor for a while… I watched her for a while and one little foot and a nose popped out and slid back in… so I scrubbed up and went in after the calf.. one leg was wedged under Bonnie’s pelvis. .. with a little rearranging I got both feet forward and 15 seconds later I got a wide eyed face plopping into my arms.
She is full of spunk and spirit.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you..
~My daughter wants to name her marshmallow. lol.~
My little almost ghost heifer.


“good Job Bonnie, she was worth waiting for.”

Fresh Hot Apple Pie kinda happy

I had all but forgotten how much I love to bake..

baking pie.. cooking daughter singing and dancing in my kitchen.. dogs lounging quietly, Puppy sleeping in a kids lap.. and a peace in my heart..

This kind of happy.. is why I left.. and what we all need more of..

Black Sheep

My old tractor shed

Taken in July of this year..

just a few weeks before I moved…

The storm that was passing overhead reminded me that any storms I was facing at that moment.. or storms to come.. would eventually pass.. and mostly be forgotten..

Storm and tractor shed…


Each pic is just a bit different..

And.. so far.. I have weathered the passing storms well..

Black Sheep



Often taken..

but seldom looked at in any way other than a way from here.. to there….

from a different perspective than usual..

most things that have been in my life for many years are looking different.. because I see them differently these days..

Black Sheep

?? Good Beginner Camera?

So I’m seriously frustrated with the low tech picture taking devises I have..

Ipod, Iphone and a 14mp Kodak 35mm digital.

I want something that I can use right away.. and something that can grow with my abilities and skill.

And.. Truth be told.. my photographer friend comes with a nice camera and it KILLS me that I cant just pick it up and use it.. lol.. not that I would not be allowed.. but I have no idea how..

I am the kind of person that learns a lot.. and quick.. I hate a long learning curve before I can actually DO something.. be it photography, riding, spinning.. whatever.

SO.. I am going to sell a few things I don’t need/want/use  and go searching for a good digital camera that has “upgrade” options such as buying lenses..

I have never owned a nice camera.. and want honest opinions..

Share your thoughts, experience and advice..

Then I can narrow my search a bit.. and find myself the best deal I can.. and Let Me Tell You.. LOL.. I am a fantastic shopper.. I purchased my $1500.00 spinning wheel for $300.00   and I fully expect to be able to get a similar deal on a camera.. I have no problem buying second hand stuff..

Thank You in advance

Black Sheep