Sunday Morning Cow Church 

Meet Ivan



Sunday Morning Cow Church

A very merry cow church
A heifer Christmas song.
Sung to the tune of jingle bells

Oh the weather outside is frightful
And the cows in here are spiteful
Since we’ve no milk for you
What are those
Watch your toes
Kiss my nose


Merry Christmas


been farming

10 long months I have been off line
So much has been going on.
I milk the cows 7 days a week every morning and 4 to 7 evenings a week and taking on new duties.. the herd is healthy and growing.. keeping me busy.
kids are doing well.
Dogs are happy with our new place.
and I have a boyfriend!
a super kick ass awesome man who encourages me, supports me in my job and creativity, thinks of my needs and health. and most of all.. makes me laugh.
I could not be happier.