Sunday Morning Cow Church

Pharty (that’s farty with a Ph)
Says “happy mooooo year”

Sunday Morning Cow Church

Bonnie gave me a fabulous late birthday present on Friday morning…
A beautiful 99% white heifer
She is the calf that almost wasn’t. .
When I got to the barn Bonnie had been in labor for a while… I watched her for a while and one little foot and a nose popped out and slid back in… so I scrubbed up and went in after the calf.. one leg was wedged under Bonnie’s pelvis. .. with a little rearranging I got both feet forward and 15 seconds later I got a wide eyed face plopping into my arms.
She is full of spunk and spirit.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you..
~My daughter wants to name her marshmallow. lol.~
My little almost ghost heifer.


“good Job Bonnie, she was worth waiting for.”

This cow finds me.. Intriguing..

This Cow, 168 acts like a regular cow..

Till I am in the pit in the Milking Parlor..

If I leave the butt gate open she will wander in..

and check me out…

comes in the open gate, looks and looks at me under the bar

she got a little shy when I started taking her picture..

Then she got all Nosey.. lol

she takes a closer look .. maybe I look funny..

There have been big changes in my life in the past few months.. and also big changes in my dad’s life.. and while I hate to see the end of a marriage.. god knows I hung on to my own dead one for long enough.. my dad is finally leaving a very unhappy marriage and even tho it is only in the beginning stages.. I have gotten to talk to him more in the last few weeks than I have in a few years.. His wife isolated him from all of us.. I am very glad to be getting my dad back in my life.. He always has a lot of good advice, funny stories and Time.. just time to listen to me.. I really missed that.. I can’t wait to see more of dad.. and see him happy again.

Yesterday we talked about cows.. He grew up on a farm and as a boy he could milk.. Buy Hand.. 15 cows in under an hour.. LOL.. it takes me about that long to milk the 18 I am milking.. My boss could milk 50 in an hour.. with the machines of course.. but Still!!

I am pleased to say I am getting better at my job.. We have gone from milking 11 when I started to 18 and I am learning to recognize problems before they effect our milk quality.. and that has brought our somatic cell count way way down to a good number.. and if things keep getting better.. soon the milk buyer will be giving bonuses again to my boss for quality..

I am still sick.. but came home from work yesterday and went to bed for several hours.. Sleep was desperately needed.. Then I listened to the weather reports.. we were supposed to be getting SNOW!!  so off to get fuel for the furnace I went.. OMG!!  it was so nice to wake up to a warm house this morning.. I mean we are tough people here.. my kids and I.. but it was getting a little miserable..  and, btw, no snow here as of this morning.. I think the high winds blew it north of us..

so.. off to work I go..

Black Sheep



It REALLY does not have to be compilcated

Take the baby of the reluctant Mama.

BRING said baby in the Milking Parlor.

Reluctant Mama.. will easily and happily bring herself in and line up..

I accomplished in 2 minutes..
what 4 big guys could not manage in an hour last night..
MOMS always go where baby goes..

LOL  I swear she had something to say..

“I’ll hold her.. you slap that milker on so we can all get outa here”

and that is exactly what we did.. lol

More tomorrow..

Black Sheep



Parlor View

EVERYONE  stops here in the morning.. Looks out..

Parlor View…

Off to work….Two new Heifers came in the other day and they are VERY nervous going into the parlor.. good once they get IN there.. stand nice for milking.. but REALLY tough to load.. and I have two darling new babies to feed.. One took to the bottle right away.. I’m hoping the other is hungry enough to learn this morning..

Black Sheep

Favorite Cow

I LOVE her face..
She is My favorite Cow.. my favorite of three or so favorites.. calm, clean. and sweet faced
but she has no real name..
Lets name her!
I’ll take more pics and describe her personality and we’ll give this girl a real name..

2 new heifers in the milking line up today.. not sure how the morning will go between the new girls and me having pneumonia.. let’s hope a few of these old steady girls help as well as they did this morning..

Wish me luck..

Black sheep