Sunday Morning Cow Church

he waits… this is where he always waits when she is gone… I have told him she is not coming home this time but still he waits..

16587370_1437777749580194_7018786185435681333_oI know Tracy,, I miss her too..

and I don’t know what either of us are going to do next..



5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Cow Church

      • I milk there for the last time tomorrow morning, The cows are going to auction, Lucky for them the auction is in the heart of Amish country here in MN and most of the girls have a better than average chance of being bought as dairy cows.. as for me.. I don’t know what is next. In the span of 10 days, I lost my boss who was also my friend. I found her passed away peacefully in her sleep before milking.. I lost my job and am losing the cows I LOVE.. the babies are gone.. and my landlord just informed me the house and land I have been renting for 4 years has been sold.. I have till school is out to move. but to where and to what I. do. not. know. I have been cut loose with out a second thought or a glance back.. I am twisting in the winter wind at its mercy..

      • I can’t begin to imagine how you feel right now; gut-punched for sure. I have been following you for years, though, and one thing I know is this: You are one tough woman. You have survived so much; you will survive this, too. You are in my prayers!

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