Sunday Morning Cow Church

A few weeks ago the oldest cow in the herd.. 14 years old!!  did the baby dance and produced a beautiful heifer calf.. her final calf.. we knew it was time.. last year she stepped on her teats several times… and she took a very long time to get pregnant..

This morning she was calmly and gently put in the shippers trailer and she is making her final ride..

I did not need to pray to know I was making the right decision.. but it seems the universe was ok with things.

Photo0044 - Copy




2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Cow Church

  1. while not a “Temple Grandin” facility… I know where she went and I approve of the facilities, policy’s and practices and their kind mindful employees, I even know who is working both shifts there today.. and am content that her last trailer ride was in high style and her demise will be low stress.. .. otherwise I would not have let her go.. and since our condenser quit on our bulk tank a few days ago.. meaning no cooling milk.. ARGGGG!!! 6000 pounds went down the drain.. my dear B7 (B7 is her NAME.. not just a number .. she has a backward 7 on her forehead) will pay for repairs so we can keep on milking .. and that saves 38 other cows from being shipped. all in all.. its all ok..

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