been farming

10 long months I have been off line
So much has been going on.
I milk the cows 7 days a week every morning and 4 to 7 evenings a week and taking on new duties.. the herd is healthy and growing.. keeping me busy.
kids are doing well.
Dogs are happy with our new place.
and I have a boyfriend!
a super kick ass awesome man who encourages me, supports me in my job and creativity, thinks of my needs and health. and most of all.. makes me laugh.
I could not be happier.




3 thoughts on “been farming

  1. Is that your tractor? International? Lol. I’m getting a job at a dairy farm. Love horses too. I had a horse that spooked all the time and stepped on my feet but never bucked me off. (got in a bucking fit once though)

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