PEOPLE are crazy!!

Seriously.. Society and all it participants are fucking NUTS! …just saying

for the first time in 6 months.. I am shutting down and backing the fuck away from those around me.. too much drama.. too much shit.. I spent many many years alone.. isolated on my farm.. and this shit.. these people and their shit.. how they try to blame and drag me and mine into it all.. is just too much for me for a while.. I am going to close and lock the door.. not answer the phone.. gather my dogs and kids close.. go to work and come home.. need people as little as possible.. and let me tell you.. I am a FUCKING MASTER at not needing people.. for long long periods of time..

"told ya somethin was comin.. listen sooner next time"

“told ya somethin was comin.. listen sooner next time”

Time to spend with kids and dogs and horse.. reading books, learning about my job,  taking pics of what moves me.. spinning the yarn I need.. unwinding my brain.. letting people untangle from me, my kids and my life..

Black Sheep








7 thoughts on “PEOPLE are crazy!!

    • People create Drama when there is seemingly not enough already.. SOME people seem to need to be the center of it.. I have heard no less than 22.. TWENTY TWO versions of THREE issues from the same THREE people and somehow me and mine are being blamed in part in several versions.. two different ones from the same person and there is one person who works behind the scenes stirring things up for some reason.. then sits back.. looks all “heroic” for coming to someones rescue.. I may have been isolated for a long time.. but I am far far from stupid.I’m shuttin my mouth.. closing my life

      • Maybe its time to point fingers and name names. Make the ones spreading the shit tell where the shit came from. There also might be a grain of truth buried under the load. Don’t over-react but don’t under-react either. When dealing with kids its hard to not act like one yourself. Count on the ones you love and love you.

  1. nope.. time to sit back and watch all these people self destruct.. gonna protect me and mine! The drama stirrer is a MASTER at looking innocent and everyone else is too wrapped up in their own shit to ever see anything beyond it.
    NOT that I am claiming to be perfect.. or innocent.. BUT.. LOL.. but I can honestly say None this shit is my fault or business..
    my best bet is to withdraw my self from their game and grasp and circle my wagon.. load my new gun… make some popcorn and watch them all self-destruct.

      • and btw… you can not always truly know the people you think you know.. not as well as you think you do.. if you know what I mean.. things are not irreparable at this point.. but could quickly and easily get there..

  2. True that. So I just expect the absolute worst of everybody. If they live up to my expectations I can smugly say they did just as I thought they would. If they behave better than you expected you can just be proud of your good examples you set in the friendship.

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