what a weekend!

16 to 19 hours days since Thursday.. working my usual morning shift and going in in the evening trying to get everyone tagged, photographed and get some paperwork done..  I am taking over management of the dairy herd.. so much to learn! But I am LOVING the challenge.

I am Wore out..

I am taking this evening off.. sitting with my kids, playing with my puppy, making a nice sit down meal and relaxing..

I looked for pics all weekend…  and only yesterday morning did I find anything..

after days of nothing but gray skies.. COLOR!

Black Sheep


3 thoughts on “what a weekend!

    • LOL.. noooooo.. I only want the 20 I have now.. and about 20 to 30 more.. nice number for a small dairy to manage and make a profit.. Today I discussed with my boss learning insemination! not the most glamorous aspect of the job.. but then I would know for sure.. as sure as I could be.. that the cows were getting bred..

      • Insemination is usually done by the seaman seller for the same reason. At least in these parts. I would much prefer to inseminate than to birth, though. Reaching in, turning the calf if necessary, and pulling it out is just nasty. You do not go out for beer and bratwerst at the end of the day for sure.

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