today it rains

yesterday’s sunrise was

view from home


on my way to work

Today it is all rain out there..

Today is a     “just make it through the next few moments and you”ll manage” kind of day.. if I can just get through work this morning.. I have tomorrow off .. so I can come home and give in to this fatigue.. I hate to complain about MS because for me it is relatively harmless.. in the grand scheme of things I do pretty well..  but it is always there.. lurking on the edge of my every day.. and sometimes.. roaring on to the scene.. making me recognize it.. unfailingly.. always there.. somewhere..    Mostly I hate that  I still don’t completely understand this disease.. that it keeps changing just as I think I have it figured out and have won a battle it comes up with something new to remind me that this is a life time war..  I really hate that it is like some dirty little secret I have.. something to almost hide.. lie about.. or rather exclude the truth with most people I meet.. it is such a hard thing to explain..
off to work now.. to just make it through this morning.. pretending to be just like anyone else.. and live this life..

Black Sheep






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