around the “block”

SO. .worked my rear off for weeks now..

Ceiling in the parlor is painted white.. walls are white.. all the doors and frames are red. Cement floor in the parlor is patched, a new skill for me!  A new cabinet on the wall in the milk house for supplies.. new hoses.. a full first aid kit.. even a freaking sharps container!! and clean EVERYTHING!

I think we are ready for the inspection.

Was driving home from work.. drove by a beautiful Milkweed bending and blowing in the wind and shining in the sun.. but was just too wiped out to stop and take a picture and regretted it as soon as I went by..

Soooo I drove “around the block”  lol

One shot was all I got.. but I am not disappointed in the least..

batteries died after this one shot.. but the drive back was worth it!

then I came home… tried to take a nap.. but failed to hire adequate security.. lol.. kids came home.. neighbors and friends came by.. dogs barking, cars driving by..  phone kept chiming.. I spent a LOT of years living on 60 acres at the end of a 1/2 mile dead end road in the middle of no where.. and napping after work here is  bit challenging..

One more day of “this and that” before inspection.. I want to make a darn good impression for my boss.. her business gets better.. she makes money.. I make money.. simple as that.. and..I like the cows..

Black Sheep


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