Chasing the Moon

Been busy..

working, taking care of home, farm and family.  Spending time with my friends..

Went into work last night because one of the cows was kicking so bad I could not milk her.. I have been treating her for mastitis with shots of Penicillin.. and My co-worker was going to show me how to tie up her leg and wouldn’t ya know.. she stood like a good little cow for him.. I let HIM give her her shot of Pen.. LOL  Let’s hope she behaves this morning..

As I was leaving I captured a few shots of the rising moon.. and chased it and captured a few more..

The moon was HUGE.. this Pic is nice.. but somehow.. did not quite capture it.. but I’m pleased with the result none the less.. (Kodak Easyshare)

This pic was taken from the road by the farm’s hay field.. again.. nice enough picture.. failed to capture what I saw.. but pleasing anyhow.. (kodak Easyshare)


…so I went chasing the moon for the shot I wanted.. and this was much closer to what I wanted.. funny tho.. took this one with my Ipod.. I love that little thing..

As mentioned.. The first Two pics I took with my Kodak Easyshare.. I played with the limited settings the other day and changed it from 12 mp to 14.. and don’t really see much difference.. but hope it will improve some of the shots I take in the future..

The last pic I took with my trusty little ipod.. I adore that thing.. The quality leaves a little to be desired when I upload to the blog.. but really.. not much..

I was talking to the guy.. lol.. I have a phone guy.. about upgrading my iphone 3 to the iphone 4s as soon as the price comes down a bit more and he assures me the camera will out shine not only my iphone 3.. but my ipod.. I can’t wait.. lol

I have finally made enough money to get my car fixed!  Working on making some extra to get the new part for my spinning wheel.. and then God Willing and the creek don’t rise.. it will be time to start saving for a camera.. In the mean time I am trying to be content with the tools I have… trying to improve my skills to be the best I can be with what I have..

so… off to work for me soon.. more painting to get done today.. taking my son and his friend with me and can get done in 2 hours what would take me 4 or 5.. then I can come home.. make Chicken Noodle Soup and take a nap.. cuz having Pneumonia was not enough.. oh no.. I had to catch my daughters  and I am MISERABLE!!!

Black Sheep


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