long days…

I’ve been working them..

and a few days ago.. my body finally said.. “This is IT!  I’m done!”

and when I was not working.. I was laying on the couch,

being held down by a Chihuahua..

.. trying to get better and get my voice back.. the “Point and look at my kids menacingly” way of discipline just does not have the same effect as yelling.. they laugh at me..

today for the first time in almost 3 weeks I believe I am going to survive..

I milked cows this morning and OMG!!  – between the slow learning new heifer, 3 cows in heat and my own pms .. I nearly kicked back after the fourth near miss..-  I did give them a stern talking to.. lol .. it helped.. no one else tried to kick me..

Then I had a meeting for my youngest in regards to her FINALLY getting into preschool and then it was back to work to begin painting the parlor ceiling.. and prep the doors.. white milk house and parlor.. RED doors..

Then.. after work today I picked beans from my bosses garden.. it is supposed to frost tonight.. so I had free reign to take all I wanted.. I got 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket full.

Today was a long.. but good day

Yesterdays sunset from my back yard, this was another one of those sunsets where the color lasted only a few minuets.. then was gone in a flash..

..although MS has decided I don’t really need to walk right most of the time.. at the moment it is more just irritating and moderately painful than debilitating.. I hope that with the cool weather it gets no worse.. cuz if I’m gonna look drunk.. I should be.. lol    it’s interesting tho.. I don’t think I realize how often MS effects me till I start writing it down..

I think I am back and ready to live and play again.. and I pray I am never that sick again.

Black Sheep



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