?? Good Beginner Camera?

So I’m seriously frustrated with the low tech picture taking devises I have..

Ipod, Iphone and a 14mp Kodak 35mm digital.

I want something that I can use right away.. and something that can grow with my abilities and skill.

And.. Truth be told.. my photographer friend comes with a nice camera and it KILLS me that I cant just pick it up and use it.. lol.. not that I would not be allowed.. but I have no idea how..

I am the kind of person that learns a lot.. and quick.. I hate a long learning curve before I can actually DO something.. be it photography, riding, spinning.. whatever.

SO.. I am going to sell a few things I don’t need/want/use  and go searching for a good digital camera that has “upgrade” options such as buying lenses..

I have never owned a nice camera.. and want honest opinions..

Share your thoughts, experience and advice..

Then I can narrow my search a bit.. and find myself the best deal I can.. and Let Me Tell You.. LOL.. I am a fantastic shopper.. I purchased my $1500.00 spinning wheel for $300.00   and I fully expect to be able to get a similar deal on a camera.. I have no problem buying second hand stuff..

Thank You in advance

Black Sheep


5 thoughts on “?? Good Beginner Camera?

  1. I purchased, retail, a Nikon 1 model J1 for way too much money. I got it as a graduation gift for my son as he graduated with a Masters in Archetecture. This fit his needs real well in that it is very compact but has the capability to add filters and lenses as the need arises. It is also very durable, getting tossed in and out of his glove box and brief case. The camera came with a one year manufacturer warranty with three year extension offered for purchase. He has now owned the camera for two years and has had no issues with it.

    I always used Cannon equipment but my health ate up my photography skills. I have only used first line point and shoot digital cameras for that reason. I now use a Cannon Power Shot SD1400IS. It has a small zoom capability but no lens change.

    Good luck with your decision and remember to have fun doing it.

  2. My Panasonic Lumix (point-and-shoot digital with LOTS of options and a Leica lens) takes better photos than my husband’s expensive, fancy, lens-interchangable DSLR camera. And it’s small enough to keep in a pouch that’s almost always slung around my neck so I don’t miss any shots. I say DSLRs are overrated unless you are going to invest in high-powered (and VERY pricey!) lenses! It is more about the artist’s “eye” than the tool….

    • it’s funny because once in a while my ipod takes a better pic than my friends expensive camera.. I do like a lot of the shots I take.. I want options.. and there are very few with an ipod, less with the iphone. I did play a little with my kodak today.. it has more options than I remember.. I am craving learning.. I want to be able to take pics of Bees.. and my horse running.. and the far away low flying rainbow I missed today cuz my camera could not capture it.. the opportunity and option to do better!

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