never before

and I never would have thought..
I have Pneumonia..
I have Never had lung problems..
I suppose the change environment after 19 years in the same house might be a reason..
got 5 medications to take.
Still have to go to work in the morning..
not afraid to ask the farmer for help with the 2 new heifers we got in the line up this morning..
.. I am however going to put off painting the milking parlor till the weekend..
gonna take meds now..
going to bed..
praying for sleep.
Black Sheep


2 thoughts on “never before

  1. Have you ever worked closely with cattle before? I wonder if you might have a reaction to the the cattle themselves, milk, the feed, cleaning supplies, hay mold, etc.

    You have not had a paying job in a long time. You might be allergic to work? :>)

    • I have had cattle, horses, pigs, sheep… worked closely around everything you mention.. although it has been a few years and I have been around everything but the cleaning supplies and not on the scale I am now..
      I’m feeling a tiny bit better this morning and won’t worry about this much.. unless it happens again..

      I allergic to not enough money! lol..
      Black Sheep

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