Brand New #1

“Welcome to the world”

Brand Spankin New.. Teeny Tiny.. itty bitty.. darling..

Baby Ninja cow..

(please pardon the bad quality pics.. The iphone camera SUCKS .. tomorrow I will take my ipod and get some super cute baby pics to make up for it.. )

Brand New baby Ninja cow

I LOVE that I can look into her dark little eyes and know where she will spend her life.. on green pastures.. having babies.. living a good Ninja cow life..

I start bottle feeding her tomorrow morning and get to make friends with her.. without an ounce of heavy in my heart or soul for her future.

Her young mama went into my milking line up this morning.. only her second time in the parlor. and what an interesting experience for both of us for several reasons.

The old farmer.. who is a cranky nasty mean old man.. never a kind word for anyone.. came to help me get the heifer into the parlor and told me to stand back and watch and he became a gentle calm farmer.. who has a way with his cows.. knew what this heifer needed to relax and took the time to talk to me.. even tho he does not like me.. and when it became necessary.. stepped back and let ME.. help HIM hook her up to the milker..

I learned a lot this morning.. I always enjoy my job.. today was .. more..

Life the past few years has.. been.. more than hard.. My life the past few years has been down right Brutal.. but I cowgirl’d up and soldiered on.. and all that shit.. I am grateful for what I have found here and I plan to make the most of it.. not question a second of it.. 

Black Sheep.



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