…. always better

People will ALWAYS hurt you .. one way or another.. some time or another.. even when they don’t mean to or want to..

SHE will NEVER hurt me..

ONLY by leaving me will she hurt me..
She won’t judge me for what I cannot help I am or have..
She walks by my side and carries me when I need it..
and not just on her back..
Her spirit is strong and gives me wings.
Makes me pay attention when I need that.
Lets me get away with nothing.. nor I her.
She teaches me who I am and helps me learn what
I can do and be..
even when I don’t want to know..

Here’s hoping TODAY.. is a better day.

oh yeah.. she reminds me.. “take better care of yourself Damn it.. No one else ever has.. and no one is going to.. so you better!”

Black Sheep


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