“Simply Paris..” I never need to go.. I have my own right here in Northern MN

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Photo’s taken for me by a friend of mine.

They are imperfect.. but beautiful.. different.. not the usual..

and he thinks he’s not good yet.. THEN tells me about all the pics he deleted cuz he was not pleased with them.. “Arggggggg!!”

Sometimes a good picture is not a perfect one.. that beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing.. When he comes back I am going to hijack his laptop and wrangle permission to share some of his work..

I think even without all the technical knowledge he is seeking he is as good as any photographer… I have such plans for the next time he is here with his camera!!

Time for me to go to work..

You’ll NEVER guess what I do every single morning.. LOL.. NEVER!!

maybe I’ll post a pic of me at work later..

Black Sheep..



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